Virtual Chiropractic / Rehabilitation / Training

Are you out-of-state or out-of-country?

We want to help!

We want to be there for as many people as we can. We offer 5 unique 45min Virtual Appointments to help answer your questions, determine a game plan, and help you reach your goals. All from a remote location in the comfort of your home!

*We use FaceTime, Zoom or Whatsapp*

#1) Movement Assessment

  • Of the 6 Foundational Motor Patterns (Lunge, Squat, Hinge, Press, Pull, Carry)

#2) Mobility Assessment

  • Full-Body

#3) Training Session

  • First session is determining goals and establishing baselines, every consecutive one works to improve those baselines towards your goals!

#4) Chiropractic Appointment

  • To discuss your injury and past medical history, determine a treatment plan, and perform at-home strategies and/or other recommendations!

#5) Rehabilitation Appointment

  • To review injury and past medical history, determine treatment plan, and perform rehabilitation at home!


  • Each 45min session is only $100
  • Due to the nature of the appointment, we do ask that the session is pre-paid before the appointment
  • *Unfortunately we do not accept insurance for virtual sessions*

Schedule Now!

Please Follow These Directions To Avoid Confusion:

  1. Click the "Book An Appointment" Button above
  2. Select "New Patient"
  3. Select "ATP" Location
  4. Select "45min" Procedure
  5. Select "Brandon Buchla"
  6. Schedule Time
  7. Enter the required information (mainly Name + Phone Number since we won't be going through insurance)
  8. Under "Reason For Visit" Write the Virtual Option you are looking for (Mobility Assessment, Chiro Visit, Etc)
  9. Once that is scheduled, we will call within 24hrs to verify your details and purchase the session. *We hope the required prepay doesn't turn anyone away, we just don't have remote collection capabilities. We apologize if it's any inconvenience!!*

Or Call: 203-939-1465 to schedule directly

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