Improve Your Vertical by 2-4 Inches in 6 weeks!


So, you want to improve your vertical in a time-efficient and safe way? What if I told you could add 2-4 inches to it simply by adding 10min of training 3 times a week for 6 weeks somewhere in your current program? I’ve always been a strong jumper, but I was still able to increase my vertical jump from 37in to 41n using this exact program. I’ve learned that all it takes are small, focused-sessions done consistently. Give it a shot! Test your initial vertical jump and then follow the weekly programs below to watch your vertical drastically improve.


Weeks 1-2: Goal Strengthen the ankle joint

  • Jumping (pun-intended) right into an aggressive plyometric program is asking for injuries. Instead, you want to start by gradually preparing the body and making sure it’s strong enough for what’s to come. This section of the program is geared towards that preparation. With a heavy focus on flexibility, balance, and eccentric-strengthening, this will help establish a base to prevent any injuries as you progress.
  • Perform the following 3x/week making sure to not go on consecutive days.



Weeks 3-4: Goal Introduce Plyometrics

  • After establishing a base, we can now begin to introduce some plyo work into the training. During this time, your goal should be to try and feel “springy” during the plyometrics, making sure your form is correct and fluid.
  • Perform the following 3x/week, once again making sure not to go on consecutive days.


  • Warm-up
  • Medium-Plyometric Training
    • 2×10 A-Walk
    • 2×10 A-Skip
    • 2×10 B-skip
    • 2×20 Mini-hops
      • *Face wall, and perform quick, mini-jumps*
    • 2×6 Box jumps
      • *Set height to ~75% of max, and focus on smooth, powerful reps*
  • Strengthening
    • 3×10 Elevated standing negative calf raises
      • *With dumbbells*
      • *Elevate front-half of feet (stand on a plate or stairs)*
      • *5-sec count down*


Weeks 5-6: Goal Progress Plyometrics

  • After introducing and mastering some basic plyometric work, you can now progress to the final 2 weeks before your re-test! During this time, you’ll be more aggressively improving your explosive output with the addition of unilateral movements.
  • Perform the following 3x/week, not going on consecutive days.


  •  Warm-up
  • Heavy-Plyometric Training
    • 2×10 A-Walk
    • 2×10 A-Skip
    • 2×10 B-skip
    • 2×10 Single-leg mini-hops
    • 3×6 Single-leg vertical jumps
      • *First 2 reps jump to 50%*
      • *Next 2 reps jump to 75%*
      • *Last 2 reps jump to 100%*
  •  Strengthening
    • 3×10 Barbell calf-raises


Once you’ve completed the program, wait at least 3 days before you re-test your vertical and watch your numbers improve! Email me to let me know your improvements!

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