Joe Suarez

Joe is ATP’s newest coach/ trainer. He graduated CCSU with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Joe’s passion for fitness started at a young age which led him to explore all aspects of movement and exercise. From plyometric training, endurance running, strength training, Olympic weightlifting, and the occasional martial arts, Joe has always been involved with human performance.
Joe has had the privilege to work with and under some great coaches and mentors. Those experiences have enabled him to help others achieve a variety of fitness goals. Joe has coached various athletes in areas such as powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, Crossfit, Highland Games, and many sports at the high school and collegiate levels. Some of his athletes have competed nationally and worldwide.
Joe embodies both positivity and enthusiasm; he truly believes he can bring out the absolute best in his clients/athletes not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. He is thrilled about his future with ATP.