We understand that there are a lot of products out there, so we did the work for you! Below is a selection of our Favorite Products for different categories.

PAin Relief

Are you currently in pain? Feel better now! Below are safe and effective tools to help you manage your pain at home. They include a TENS Unit, Ice packs, Heating pad, and Topical Analgesics.

  • TENS units are great for safe, effective, and portable pain-relief. You don't need to buy an expensive one for it to help you. Here is the one we recommend!

These cryocups are great to use over places where holding an ice pack is difficult. It's also useful in simultaneously providing a massage!


Ice packs can be very important when there's a prolonged inflammatory condition or when there's an acute injury that is particularly swollen and causing pain.

Heating pads can be a great way to promote blood flow and loosen up tight muscles. It can also aid in pain relief.


Topical analgesics can play a very helpful role in the first step of rehab for an injury - mitigating pain! BioFreeze is one of the most well-known ones out there and is effective enough for us to recommend it!

We've had patients see a lot of relief from hemp / cbd creams. So much so that we decided to add it to our recommended product list. We feel as if this one stands out compared to the competition.

Soft tissue therapy

Do you have a lot of muscle tightness? Loosen them up using the personal items below! Selection includes our favorite Massage Gun, Foam Rollers, Lacrosse Balls, and a Scraping Tool.

Massage guns can be an extremely convenient and effective way of loosening up tight muscles. There's a lot of them out there, but some are very expensive and others aren't as good as they can be. The Hypervolt is our favorite and the one we recommend the most!

This is one of of our favorite tools in general! Scraping is a highly effective way of promoting collagen deposition that can be used to help treat sprains/strains. The one below is a versatile one that can be used for pretty much any injury you may sustain.


Foam rolling is a great at-home way to help keep your muscles loose and promote blood flow. It's ease and effectiveness can make it a staple of any training and injury-prevention program!



The Rumble Roller is a foam roller with some "Spikes", that gets in there much deeper than a traditional foam roller would. We recommend using this if you have experience with a foam roller, or feel comfortable with a slightly more aggressive form of foam rolling.

The lacrosse ball is a great tool for honing in on specific, hard-to-reach spots and digging in. It helps break up tight tissue and promote blood flow. If you have persistent knots, this is your go-to to focus in on the specific spot(s)!

The peanut is basically two lacrosse balls in one. It is primarily used for getting the hard to reach suboccipital muscles that are notoriously tight in stress and/or headache patients. We recommend the one below since it offers more ideal spacing between the two balls, which offers more comfort and more variability of use!


Do you feel as if a supplement may help you with your goals? Below are our most frequently recommended supplements from 3 of the best companies in the industry, Thorne, Muscle Feast, and Designs For Health.

This is the most effective form of Turmeric out there. It is more absorbed and more supported by researched than any other form out there!



One of the staples of building muscle and promoting healthy body composition is eating enough protein. MuscleFeast is our favorite brand for powders. The company is highly rated from 3rd-party companies and has unparalleled great taste!

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements out there. It has been thoroughly shown to increase speed and strength, and is a fantastic and safe addition for any person looking to progress physically.


Collagen is a staple supplement for maintaining healthy joints, as well as for hair/skin/nails. We recommend the one by Designs For Health, since it has an optimal dosage!


Vitamin D has been linked with All-Cause Mortality (the lower your levels, the more likely you are to die from any cause). AND, a large percentage of people are deficient in it. Because of this, we recommend supplementing with it, particularly through Designs For Health who has a fantastic version of it.

Sleep is a foundation of health. We would be doing a disservice if we didn't offer some form of help if you suffer from falling or staying asleep. We have had great success with patients supplementing with this, and we thoroughly recommend it if you have trouble with sleep!

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