ATP's Group Training Memberships

8:1 Client to Coach Ratio; Individualized Programming


1) ATP "Flex" Membership

  • Unlimited access to every class on ATP’s schedule. Following the ATP “workout of the day” (WOD)
  • The ATP “workout of the day” (WOD) is designed to build strength, lose body fat, build lean muscle tissue, increase flexibility, and provide all the positive benefits from exercise: increase metabolism, improve mood, increase energy. With a mix of bodyweight, dumbbell, and kettlebell exercises; we safely challenge you to be the fittest you can be, all while staying injury free.
  • *Your best option if you just want to show up, workout in a small group, and get personalized coaching and attention from our vibrant staff of fitness experts. And with classes as low as $12.50, you won’t find better value in Fairfield County, CT.

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2) ATP "Programming" Membership (2x/week, 3x/week, Unlimited)

  • This is our *new* creative version of personal training - only better. Traditional personal training can cost up to $150/session in CT. At that price point, we find it challenging for clients to train frequently enough to get the desired results.
  • At ATP, our semi-private memberships offer you all the benefits of individual training, but for a fraction of the cost (as low as $23/session) and with all the scheduling flexibility your busy schedule needs.
  • Whether you need individualized programming to work around old nagging injuries, or you simply want the best recipe to lose body fat and build lean muscle; ATP’s semi-private membership model is the fastest and most efficient path to your best self.


Step 1: Schedule An Assessment & Review Goals

Step 2: Receive Your Individualized Program           

Step 3: Get Granted Full Online Sign-Up Access     

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*membership perk*

"RISE & GRIND" - It's Not Just A class, it's the best of studio fitness

As a member, you're granted access to our limited "Fully-Guided Fitness Classes". When you see "Rise and Grind" on the schedule, it's us combining innovation, scientifically proven methods and motivational coaching to give you an unparalleled fitness experience. With a max of 10 members, your classes are taught by our team’s best trainers in an individualized environment that motivates and supports your goals. Our classes are a fun switch-up to keep your workouts exciting and are designed to help you maximize every minute in order to achieve real results.