Majid Hodzic, MS, CSCS

Personal Trainer

Majid received his Bachelor’s of Science in Allied Health with a minor in Physiology from The University of Connecticut and completed his Master’s degree in Exercise Science & Nutrition from Sacred Heart University. He also holds a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). He firmly believes in continuing education and seeks to provide the most up to date training methodology.

After working in the healthcare field for several years, he decided to become a fitness professional. Due to his personal passion for fitness and nutrition as well as noticing that most patients lack basic physical health and fitness, he wanted to become the solution in the industry. He firmly believes that proper physical education, training, and nutrition are the magic pills that everyone is looking for to be healthy, perform well, move well, and feel well.

He has been an active person since he could walk. He was a TAG champion during his childhood, a varsity athlete in high school, and an obstacle course racing athlete since 2015. Since then he has competed in numerous competitions including the OCR World Championship, multiple road races, and marathons. He is always training his mind and body. Truly caring about his clients, his goal is to make them happy, confident, and strong.