"I no longer need to take pain medication to allow me to continue doing the physical activity…"

I consider myself fortunate to have met Drew Accomando while a member of the Darien YMCA. His wisdom has been life changing in guiding me-a mid 50’s professional who is challenged in balancing work, athletic and general health and fitness goals-through a comprehensive fitness and diet regiment. It has been extremely effective in allowing me to continue playing the sports I love and maintain an optimal health profile.

Now that he has joined with Dr. Brandon Buchla in their new endeavor at ATP Plus CT, they have elevated their service model for all their clients to include comprehensive pain reduction and management in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. After 45 years of playing basketball, as well as numerous other sports, I have benefited from their combined efforts in a thorough, customized plan for optimal health and fitness.

Besides allowing me to be more competitive, one of the ancillary benefits of having Drew and Dr Buchla steward me through the regiment they designed for me is that I no longer need to take pain medication to allow me to continue doing the physical activity that is life affirming for me. Weight reduction, increased strength, energy levels and range of motion are some of the outcomes their guidance has delivered to me.

I can wholeheartedly endorse them for people of any age and physical condition-from a “beginner” to a competitive athlete-who are looking to improve themselves. I encourage anyone looking to elevate their fitness level, increase positive elements of their overall health profile, and reduce limiting pain to engage them for measurable and life changing results.

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