recovery and prevention

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free, safe form of health care aiding in pain relief and injury prevention. At ATP+ we believe that in order to live the most active lifestyle and push yourself to achieve the best in physical fitness, you have to have properly functioning joints that are freely moving and pain-free‚Äč.

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Our services

We offer a wide variety of Soft Tissue Techniques, Pain Management Modalities, and Rehabilitation Progressions to figure out and treat ‚Äčthe root cause‚Äč of your pain. These include:

Improves ra‚Äčnge-of-motion by gently exposing joints to a new range

Isolates individual muscles to target knots and help loosen them up

Flexion and Distraction:
Geared towards decompressi‚Äčng the spine; Great for disc bulges, herniations, and stenosis

Instrument-Assisted Mobilization:
Uses a scraping tool to break up fascial adhesions and promote collagen deposition

We offer several different kinds tailored to promoting joint health, pain relief, body composition, or overall health

Uses suction cups to provide a unique form of myofascial release

Acupuncture & Dry needling‚Äč:
Uses small, thin needles to loosen up fascia and treat pain

KT Taping‚Äč:
Uses Kinesio-Tape to help promote blood. Great for bruises, lymphatic drainage, and kinesthetic awareness

Custom Shoe Orthotics:
We can create an individualized pair of custom shoe orthotics to help you establish a solid foundation for posture and movement.

Orthopedic Bracing:
We have a wide selection of musculoskeletal braces, sleeves, splints, and collars that can help facilitate the healing process

What we treat