ATP+’s Whole Body Cryotherapy Experience

Over the weekend, ATP+ teamed up with Tim Brandt and his company Bodycompcryo. He came down on Saturday and people were able to experience whole body cryotherapy! Here’s what some people had to say about it:


  • “It felt like a really intense ice bath, but the -230 degrees that I experienced was not what I expected. After I was done, I started to warm up almost immediately and had an adrenaline rush that lasted for almost an hour after my session.” – Derek


  • “It was really cool. Super chilly on my legs but he said that’s probably where I needed it since I spin a lot and the cold works to recover sore muscles. Really happy I did it. Would def try it again. I felt good walking out of there.” – Kaitlyn


  • “I was surprised how quickly the first 1:30 was. I noticed some of my more problematic areas while in the chamber. Afterward, I felt an endorphin rush.” – Jim


  • “I enjoyed it. I have a much higher tolerance for things than the average person, so it wasn’t that bad. My body got some pretty good shivers out of it, but I never felt like I was going to need to get out and stop it. I’ve noticed afterwards that my legs felt tired. I went to work and once I started using them to drag the hose they felt very fatigued. Other than that, everything feels pretty good.” – Dave


  • “I’ve done a lot of cold exposure, similar to Wim Hoff’s cold exposure methods. More manageable than cold water submersion. The clarity was equal to if not greater than a bout of high-intensity interval training. I felt pretty chill after, would highly recommend.” – Drew


  •  “The chilling air hit the target areas with gusto. Neat premise with great potential.” – Jennifer


  • “Cryo was an interesting experience. I was freezing afterwards for about an hour. Definitely out of body. Not sure if I would do it again as a regular, but certainly glad I tried it.” – Matt


  • “It was definitely the coolest (pun intended) thing I’ve ever experienced. I felt the coldest in areas that I had recently trained. I felt an adrenaline rush about 10-15min afterwards that felt awesome and made me super focused.” – Brandon


  • “After being curious about cryotherapy for some time my first experience was positive and the results were immediate.” – Dennis


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Written by Dr. Brandon Buchla, DC, CSCS

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