3 Positions for Pain-Free Driving

Driving can be taxing on the body. Check out these 3 quick position-fixes for a pain-free drive!

  • Use a lumbar roll
    • The worst position you can be in during a long drive is in that flexed low-back position (see bottom left). It puts a lot of pressure on your discs and the constant pounding and vibrations from the car are just asking for microtears (which can eventually lead to bulges and herniations). Instead, try placing a pillow, rolled-up towel, or lumbar roll behind the small of your back (see bottom right). This will put you into a healthier and more upright and extended position. Your back will thank you later.
Low back is flexed
Use of a lumbar roll of some sort







  • Watch your shoulders
    • Check out the picture on the bottom left. Notice how he’s very internally rotated while holding his arm up. This can aggravate people with shoulder impingements and should really be avoided in general. As taught in driving school, if the airbag was to go off while we’re in this position that hand/arm is going straight to the face. The better position would be to grab the steering wheel low with the palm facing up, like the picture on the bottom right. Now you can mimic a good posture (see Bruegger’s Position) while being safer at the same time.
Shoulders internally rotated
Shoulders down and externally rotated







  • Watch your feet
    • How often do you get into the position on the bottom left? You would never walk or squat in this everted and splayed position, so why drive that way? Try to keep your feet straight or slightly pointed out, with your knees over your toes (see bottom right). It’s a less stressful position and mimics proper mechanics much more!
Feet externally rotated
Feet and knees aligned

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