"You ‘ripped’ my son Kai’s body into a temple of high performance!"

“Brandon, my man! From day one you ‘ripped’ my son Kai’s body into a temple of high performance! The attention and care given to ensuring that the risk of injury during training is minimal to non-existent did not escape me. Kai has always been a gifted basketball player, but you have taken his confidence to an extremely high level. There is not a play he feels he can’t make, nor a player he can’t guard.

He believes no one can guard him. Thanks to the work Kai has put in at Final Round with you, he is high on the radar of several public and private high school institutions. You will be missed, but not forgotten. I know you be will somewhere in CT, doing what you have done for my son, preparing athletes to go the distance, the final round! Good luck with all your future endeavours”

Horace A. Evans

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