Quickfire Questions and Answers

Here are 10 random questions that we got this week, along with our answers!


  1. Is it healthy to squat past 90 degrees?
    1. Yes, squatting past 90 is pragmatic, does not cause any damage, and has been found to help prevent injury.
  2. Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?
    1. No, that myth has been busted. It causes no damage whatsoever.
  3. What’s the psoas muscle?
    1. The psoas is one of the hip flexor muscles (along with the Iliacus), meaning it pulls the leg up to the chest.
  4. Should I be squatting with a belt?
    1. You should 100% be able to squat WITHOUT a belt. It ensures you have a strong enough core. However, if you’re an experienced squatter, belts can provide some extra stability and feedback on intra-abdominal pressure for max-out lifts.
  5. What are good mobilizations for the upper-back?
    1. Cat/Cows, Thread the needle, and T-Spine rotations.
  6. Why do I have to work out in the full range-of-motion?
    1. Loading the joint through its full active range (pain-free of course) strengthens it much more than partial ranges would. By strengthening it, it also helps to prevent injuries for when that joint is exposed to the full range in the future.
  7. Why is stretching and doing things like foam rolling helpful?
    1. Think of it like brushing your teeth and flossing, but instead of it being for your gums, it’s for your muscles. To maintain optimal health for some tissues, it requires putting in some work.
  8. What should I do if I wake up with my body feeling very stiff?
    1. Try performing a little mobility sequence right when you wake up. If that doesn’t work, see if your mattress needs an upgrade (if it’s old or worn-out)!
  9. Is supplementing with creatine safe?
    1. Creatine is one of the most studied supplements out there and is very safe. The only populations of people who would want to avoid it are Diabetics and those with Kidney disease.
  10. Should I ice or heat?
    1. A general rule of thumb is to use ice for inflammatory conditions and heat for relaxing muscles.



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Written by Dr. Brandon Buchla, DC, CSCS

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