A-Home products can be extremely advantageous - whether they're used for preventing an injury, managing pain, rehabilitating, or optimizing performance, they allow for more consistent exposure of that modality. Now we understand that there are a lot of products out there, so we did the work for you! Below is a selection of our Favorite Products for 2 different categories:


PAin Relief

Are you currently in pain? Feel better now! Below are safe and effective tools to help you manage your pain at home.

TENS units are great for safe, effective, and portable pain-relief. It also aids in decreasing inflammation You don't need to buy an expensive one for it to help you. Below is one we recommend!

Massage Guns are a great way to loosen up tight areas and decrease pain at-home. Prices can be all over the place, but there are plenty that are high-quality and low-cost like the one below.

Ice / Heat packs can come in handy. Whether to decrease inflammation or increase blood-flow, they can be extremely beneficial. We like the one below because of its versatility.

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Are you currently undergoing rehab? The products found below are typically found within an at-home treatment protocol and are our personal favorites.

Scraping is an excellent tool for all of the tendonitis/tendinosis conditions. By helping to promote collagen deposition, it streamlines the healing process significantly.

These bands are ideal for performing movements that activate the hip and glute muscles. This would be important for low-back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot rehab.

These bands are great for most upper-body rehab exercises, particularly for the neck & shoulder. They are very versatile and can be used to improve muscle activation and strength.

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