"I know Dr. Buchla as my injury savior!"

I know Dr. Buchla as my injury savior!  When I first met Dr. Buchla, I had already met with 3 different doctors that could not find a solution for any of my injuries. He was the first doctor that was understanding about what my goals were and wasted no time in helping me achieve those goals. Through his diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Buchla did an amazing job on not only getting rid ofmy pain but also strengthening all my weaknesses as well as preventing future injuries.

Dr. Buchla was relentless with finding treatments that did work but more importantly cutting out the ones that did not. Post treatment I am now stronger, more mobile,and a better overall athlete. Through out the year of treatment with him, I am positive that many others will feel the same about his care and level of success.

-Yazmin Gutierrez

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