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How Tendons Heal

There are three overlapping phases of tendon healing: Inflammation –> Repair –> Remodeling Inflammation During the inflammation stage, swelling takes place as fluid rushes into the area. Coming with that fluid are multiple inflammatory mediators (such as neutrophils, monocytes, and macrophages) that help clean out the area of damaged tissue. *There have been speculations on whether decreasing the …

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Muscle Fiber Type Review

To start, let’s review the basics of muscle fibers. There are two main types: Type I “Slow twitch”: These Fibers are characterized by their high endurance ability and their low force / power / speed output. They can sustain long-term contractions (as used in posture).   Type II: “Fast twitch”: These fibers are characterized by …

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3 Reasons to Train Balance

As touched upon in the last blog, balance training is very under-utilized. But why exactly is it so important to improve on? Below are 3 of the main benefits: Movement Re-patterning Any injury, from a minor sprain/strain to a fracture, can result in an altered movement pattern. This has been demonstrated in numerous studies1,2,3. The …

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